What We Do

The Thinkery is a consulting service.

We charge money for our time, and in exchange, we help you understand three things:

  1. How to build a MakerSpace in your school or library;
  2. What tools, equipment, and materials your MakerSpace should have in it; and
  3. how to grow the knowledge and skills of your staff to make that MakerSpace successful.

That third point is really critical.  A lot of people don’t understand this, but we do — if you don’t have the right personnel, with the right skills as artisans and the right mindset as Makers, your MakerSpace will sit unused.  Your stakeholders will see it as an unsuccessful waste of time and resources.

Fortunately there are solutions to those problems. They involve training your people, and teaching your administrators what they need to know to support, build and schedule a successful MakerSpace in your institution.

We know how to do that.  Do you want our help? Contact us.