Knowing About — and Knowing How

Most librarians are great at knowing about.  It is easy for them to know “about” information — the capital of Ecuador, the languages of China, the best books for a 15-year-old, how to apply for a government grant — because that information is available in the books of the reference department, or on the internet, or in the librarian’s own lived experience.

But MakerSpaces in Libraries represents something new.  A MakerSpace is a community-focused space concentrated on making and building stuff.  It’s noisy and messy — things not usually associated with libraries — and it requires a different style of knowledge: knowing how, as well as about.

It is not easy to know about things, but it is also not easy to know how things are done or made.  The Thinkery’s partners know both, though — we’re Makers and we’re Knowers.  We’ve built and managed MakerSpaces, and we know how Librarians and Libraries think. We can help you bridge the gap between what you know about Making, to helping you help your patrons be Makers themselves.  The bridge is helping you learn how to Make, and not simply learning about Making.