Start Up!

Welcome to The Thinkery.

The Thinkery is the name that the ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes used for the school of Socrates — a man whom he admired, but also a target for some of his cleverest jokes.  We mean it in something of the same sense — a place and a team where individuals, corporations, and non-profit organizations can train themselves to do new things and think new thoughts, but which doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Operating on a base of rationality and playful design, the staff of the Thinkery meet regularly to solve problems and design solutions suited to the real-world and digital environments.  We’ve helped each other overcome challenges and solve difficulties using a combination of modern technical know-how, historical research, and plain common sense.  Our methods include design thinking, Renaissance-man training, graphic presentation, game-storming, and methods for opening up lateral thought processes in ourselves and in our clients.