What is a MakerSpace?

A big article on what a MakerSpace is, and how it relates to other types of work areas for artists, designers, and Makers.

So, that’s the way I see these things — MakerSpaces revel in the sheer joy of creativity; DesignSpaces build things with a purpose; ArtistSpaces explore creativity without necessarily giving it purpose; and TinkerSpaces are for sticking things together until you get ideas… but won’t necessarily help you build anything real.

Where does your space sit in the definitions?  Are you really operating a DesignStudio when you think you’re running a MakerSpace?  Is your school’s MakerSpace really a TinkerLab?

Read the full article; it’s worth it.


Today, members of the Thinkery staff walked through a client’s new house.  The client’s family is expanding, the whole family is moving to a new residence, and — immediately after the closing — the client wanted a sense of how the various rooms in the house were going to be used.  On the spot, we laid out a number of working ideas about how to finish some of the house’s unfinished spaces, where to place existing/owned furniture, and how to organize different spaces for new baby, existing kids, and adults who need private time too.  We also created a 12-year occupation plan for the house, suggesting particular projects for upkeep and improvements to the house infrastructure along the way.

We even helped move some of the furniture in.